Visitation or Habitation?

Visitation of habitation

Recently I’ve been praying for God to manifest himself in my life.

So often we want to experience God at an event or in a particular place. We say “Come Holy Spirit”. It is a good prayer. God does come when we are gathered together. But He is also in us. He says that he wants to dwell in us. He has chosen us as a place to dwell on earth. That’s why Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within us. If we are born again His Spirit dwells in us. We want God to visit. We want visitation. God wants habitation. 

Today as I worshipped Him, from the throne room, He flooded my heart with joy and peace and tears. When he says he will never leave us, it’s because he lives in us. This is how He brings His peace, love and kingdom to the world – through us. 




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